Four Tips To Optimise Your Invisalign Experience

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Invisalign braces offer a visually appealing way to correct dental issues. This visual appeal makes them popular in Australia with both teenagers and adults alike. However, to get the best results from the Invisalign experience, you must follow some fundamental guidelines. Use these four tips to ensure your new Invisalign braces give optimal results.

Carefully Watch Your Schedule

Invisalign braces move the teeth. Therefore, they need to be replaced weekly or biweekly to ensure they are always up-to-date with the current location of your teeth. Your dentist provides a schedule of when the braces require replacement. Careful monitoring of this schedule means your teeth move into their final positions as fast as your dentist deems possible.

New Invisalign Timing

Each time you replace the Invisalign braces, you experience a little discomfort. This discomfort is confirmation the braces are working while they move your teeth. One way to minimise the initial pain from new Invisalign braces is to switch over at night before bed. The worst of the discomfort occurs in the first few hours after the switch. Therefore, if this takes place while you are sleeping, then the worst will be over before you wake up.

Diet Adaptions

One huge benefit of Invisalign braces is the ability to remove them for eating. Unlike traditional metal braces, this means you do not have to avoid hard or sticky food as long as you brush your teeth after each eating experience. However, it is still beneficial to watch what you eat during the Invisalign process. For example, avoid hard foods, which could chip your teeth, so that no dental damage occurs. You do not want to delay your Invisalign schedule because you need to get a damaged tooth repaired.

Be Vigilant With Teeth Cleaning

Finally, just because your Invisalign braces surround your teeth 22 hours per day, it does not mean you can be a little slack on your daily teeth cleaning. The opposite is true because saliva cannot wash food particles and bacteria away from your tooth surface. You must be vigilant brushing and flossing your teeth each time you remove your Invisalign to eat. This vigilance keeps both your teeth and your Invisalign clean and hygienic.

Using these four tips ensures your Invisalign experience is the best it can be. Speak to your dentist if you have any concerns once you begin wearing your Invisalign, as they are the experts of your dental care.