Cosmetic Dentistry: Affordable Options


Changing Lives With Restorative Dentistry

For a lot of people, having teeth that are in a poor state of repair is a daily reality, one that proves to be an ongoing battle that affects every aspect of daily living. Teeth that are broken or compromised in structure can cause infection, extreme pain and the further loss of healthy tissue. In […]

Beating Generational Fear: how to keep from passing odontophobia on to your children

Psychiatrists and psychologists have long suspected that phobias are effectively heritable, and there are plenty of studies that back them up. Biology requires that small children learn to instinctively fear the things that their parents fear; there needs to be some way of passing on concern for dangerous animals, unstable surfaces and risky situations, after […]

Are Dental Implants Safe If You Have a Metal Allergy?

While dental implants are a proven way of replacing missing teeth, implants are not suitable for every patient. While most people simply need to tick oral health boxes with their dentists before they opt for an implant solution, people with metal allergies may have other issues to consider. What do you need to think about […]

How to look your best

If your busy schedule has left you looking a little more bedraggled than usual, it might be time to stop, take stock and see if there is anything you can do to enhance your appearance (without resorting to drastic measures). You’ll be amazed at what a difference just a few simple changes can make to […]