What to Look for in a Great Family Dentist

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From moving to a new area to your old dentist retiring, there are a few reasons why you may find yourself looking for a new dental professional. If you're now wondering how to find a dentist for your family, it's worth knowing what features to look for.

A Child-Friendly Environment

Around 5% of the Australian population has a dental phobia that significantly impacts their lives. Many of those fears may start in childhood, so it's wise to help your little ones grow used to seeing their dentist before they develop one too.

Dentists that offer a child-friendly environment usually make it easier for you to assimilate your child. Look for those that have a small play area in their waiting room. Additionally, prioritise dentists who have tools in their office to put a child at ease.

An Onsite Orthodontist or Orthodontic Connections

You may find that your child develops a misalignment as they get older. If this happens, they could begin orthodontic treatment anywhere between the ages of 10 to their later teenage years.

If you want to achieve continuity of care for your family, choose a dentist that has an onsite or visiting orthodontist. As a good alternative, look for those who have great orthodontic connections. Many are able to make referrals to set orthodontic teams, and you may feel reassured knowing that your child is seeing a professional their dentist trusts.

A Selection of Sedation Methods

Even if you're not an anxious patient, you may find that someone in your household is. Unfortunately, being anxious can prevent people from seeing their dentist when toothache starts. By allowing such conditions to worsen, there's a risk of requiring a filling, root canal or tooth extraction.

Some dentists offer various types of sedation. In addition to local anaesthetics, they may provide laughing gas or, in some cases, midazolam. When there are various sedation methods available, anxious members of your family may feel more comfortable raising dental concerns at the earliest possible stage.

A Site That's Easy to Access

Finally, consider how easy it is to reach your dentist and park your car there. If they don't offer onsite parking, is there a public carpark nearby or streetside parking that's easy to access? Such facilities make attending your appointments easier and it reduces the stress associated with them.

After looking into your options, you'll hopefully find the best family dentist for you. Reach out to dentists near you to learn more.