3 Things to Know about Tooth Extractions for Denture Placement

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There are several reasons you may want to get dentures. You may have tooth decay or pain that is causing you to have extractions. Though you have many options for dental replacement and repair, dentures may sound like something you would rather have. If this is the case, tooth extractions will be part of the process. With that in mind, there are three things you should know about the process and what you may be facing with the extractions.

1. Surgical or General Extractions

One of the first things you will need to know deals with the kind of extractions you will need. At your consultation, the dentist will have X-rays done of your teeth. These X-rays will let the dentist know if they will need to do a general extraction or a surgical extraction. Surgical extractions may be necessary if the tooth has deep roots or is embedded deeply in the gum line. If this is the case, you may have higher fees for those extractions. You also may be facing more time to have the extractions done over a general extraction.

2. Infection and Treatment

In some cases, you may have an infection in your teeth. This infection may not be noticeable to you without a dental exam. Once the infection is found, your dentist will have to put you under treatment for the infection prior to the extraction and dentures. This will generally be a form of an antibiotic that you will take over the course of a few days to a week. Once you have completed the antibiotic, your dentist will schedule the appointment for the tooth extractions.

3. Post Removal Treatment

Once you have had the tooth extractions completed, you will have some post removal treatment. This is to help prevent issues such as dry socket. Dry socket is caused when a blood clot does not form or becomes dislodged. This can cause the socket to go dry and can cause pain in the area. This pain can be intense and can prevent you from being able to eat or drink. This is why it is important to follow your dentist's post-extraction care plan and follow up checks prior to the dentures being placed and following the denture placement for the first few days to weeks.

These are only three of the things you need to consider with tooth extractions and dentures. If you are ready to move forward with your plan to have the extractions and dentures placed, contact your local dentist. They can offer you a consultation to discuss your options and to have X-rays done.