Adhesives for Your Dentures

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One of the more popular treatments patients see for tooth replacement is dentures. These custom-made prostheses are convenient, as they do not require invasive surgery for you to begin reaping the benefits of tooth replacement. However, since these prostheses are not permanent, some patients are wary of situations where their dentures may slip out of their mouths. One of the best ways of preventing this is using denture adhesives. Here are some of the different adhesive options that you can consider.

Denture Pastes

Denture pastes are adhesive products that can be bought in most supermarkets and pharmacies. The paste is packaged in a tube, and all you need to do is squeeze your required amount onto the denture base and spread it evenly. Once the paste is spread, you wear the dentures as usual. It should be noted that although denture pastes do not dry out and harden in your mouth, they still have a fairly good capability of holding the dentures in place. However, a common complaint that some wearers have is that cleaning out the paste once they remove the dentures can be an arduous and sticky process. Nevertheless, it has to be done because reapplication should always be done on a clean denture base.

Denture Pads

Denture pads are treated strips of fabric that can be purchased from your local supermarket. To use them, the wearer has to moisten them with some water then affix the pad into the base of the dentures. When water meets the denture pad, it becomes sticky and adheres to your gums. Denture pads can make your dentures quite sturdy. However, in the event that your dentures become loose over the course of the day, you may find food particles becoming lodged between your dentures and your gum line, and this could cause some discomfort.

Denture Re-Liners

Denture re-liners are comprised of a putty-like substance that is moulded into the base of your dentures. To use the re-liner, you would have to remove its protective covering then place the compound into the denture base that comes into contact with your gum line. The malleable material easily fits into any type of dentures. Additionally, it is both odourless as well as tasteless so you don't have to worry about having a weird taste in your mouth. Once it is in the dentures, you gently bite into the dentures to make the re-liner create a mould of your gums. You then take the dentures out and sprinkle the adhesive powder that comes with the re-liners, as this is what will keep them in place. You can then wear the dentures, and if you decide to take them off, all the re-liners would require is some washing and they can be re-used as need be.