4 Natural Ways to Help Reduce or Stop Teeth Grinding

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Bruxism is the medical term for grinding your teeth and can be a bad habit. Grinding your teeth is not just a habit that can cause headaches or jaw aches, this habit can really damage your teeth and cause appointments to a general dentistry clinic in your area. The dentist may find that grinding your teeth has caused cracking, chipping and wearing away a tooth or teeth can all happen because you grind your teeth. Before this becomes an issue, consider a few of the natural ways you can use to reduce or stop grinding your teeth.

Take Out Stress at Night 

Destressing before you go to sleep might help you stop grinding your teeth. A calm herbal tea with chamomile and lavender can help with relaxation and to reduce stress before you sleep. Doing yoga or meditating can also help relax you enough to make you have an easier and better nights sleep. Stress from your busy life is just one of the reasons you are grinding your teeth and taking the stress out of your before bed routine can help get rid of this habit.

Adding Minerals and Vitamins

If you are deficient in a few vitamins and minerals it can also cause you to grind your teeth. A bit of vitamin B can help you if you are deficient in it. Magnesium and calcium deficiency can cause you to grind your teeth while you are sleeping or at rest anywhere and anytime. If you find yourself looking through a magazine at the doctor's office and have to make yourself relax your jaw, you might be deficient in one of these essential daily minerals. The natural minerals found in Himalayan salt can also help bruxism; there are 84 of them found in this pink beauty.

Mouth Guards

You don't have to take medications if it isn't necessary to stop bruxism. A mouth guard made from all natural wax can hold your mouth in place and will help you not want to grind your teeth while you sleep. If you are comfortable with wearing one, this is a very manageable way to help stop grinding your teeth.


One of the great things about alternatives therapies is they can be great fun and work all over your body. Acupuncture is one of those alternative therapies that may help you with bruxism. Talk it over with your doctor and find out if this will work for you.

None of these will be an overnight success and will take a bit of time to work, however, once you are practicing any of these that work for you; you can continue on without grinding your teeth at night or whenever the urge hits you.