Understanding Common Misconceptions About Dentures

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When it comes to maintaining proper oral health, dentures play an important role in replacing lost or decaying teeth in the mouth. However, many people have misconceptions about the uses and benefits of dentures. They are often associated with elder people who have lost all their teeth, or patients who have undergone dental trauma. 

Dentures can actually be used by a wide variety of patients to improve their oral health. The following are common misconceptions about dentures. 

Dentures make eating more difficult

Many people view dentures as cumbersome pieces of porcelain that make eating difficult. They often think that dentures don't fit properly in the mouth and gums, resulting in many different dietary restrictions. 

The truth is that any dietary restrictions will depend on your specific treatment plan and the type of dentures that you have. There are certainly some foods that are more challenging to eat with dentures. For example, corn on a cob, carrots and apples are all foods with hard surfaces that can be difficult to chew. 

However, patients with dentures can typically sustain their previous diet. In cases where dentures are preventing you from eating normally, you should visit your dentist to check if the denture has been designed to fit correctly. 

Dentures are easily visible to other people 

The most common misconception regarding dentures is that they're easily noticed by other people. Nowadays, most dentures are discrete and look as natural as the other teeth in your mouth. When properly fitted, there should be no clicking sounds, foul odours, stains or discomfort. 

Dentures can replace missing teeth in a natural and comfortable manner, improving your oral health. 

Dentures are too costly

Due to the relatively high cost of dental treatment, most people even disregard the thought of dentures because they assume that they're too expensive. This misconception drives many people away from having dentures replace their missing teeth.

The truth is that dentures are more affordable than most people think. There are many different ways you can finance your denture treatment, from using insurance to designing a payment plan with your dentist. You will rarely have to pay for your dentures upfront, meaning that you don't need to have a lump sum of money before you can obtain dentures. 

They don't require maintenance and replacement 

Many people also mistakenly think that dentures are a one and done deal. On the contrary, dentures don't last forever. They need to be regularly cared for to last long and to improve oral health. 

Remember that dentures are essentially pieces of porcelain (or acrylic). They can break and become damaged if mishandled. They should be regularly cleaned, disinfected and checked by a dentist who offers denture repairs