Understanding Denture Repair Jobs

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If you have dentures, you will need them checked once in a while for a number of possible damages. Apart from the small adjustments done by the dentist like smoothing a sharp area, there are other denture repair jobs. This article seeks to highlight common dental repairs and how they work.

Kinds of Repairs

  • Fractures - Maybe you have fractured your denture base after sitting on them accidentally or dropping them. At times grinding or a heavy bite will fatigue the denture causing it to crack. In such cases, a break is imminent and you ought to consult your dentist.
  • Teeth - You could easily fracture your teeth by biting hard substances using the wrong angle or dropping the dentures. At times a tooth will come off because it is not well attached to the denture base. Teeth also appear fractured because of wear and tear but this depends on how your teeth are grinding on each other and your bite. This is difficult to repair because multiple teeth are being dealt with.
  • Realigning - Dentures should fit evenly and closely on your ridges and gums. When this is not the case, yet your teeth are in good shape, a reline will be done to make them fit accurately. The main types of reline are standard and soft reline. The standard type uses the same kind of hard acrylic material like the one used on the denture itself. The soft reline uses a softer lining to make your dentures comfortable where hard acrylic material is sore. This type of reline requires special cleaning and is not as long lasting as standard acrylic and usually picks up food and bacteria easily.

What Process is Involved in Dental Repairs?

Most minor repairs like a broken base take a day to be completed. However, other common repair jobs require two appointments.

Appointment One

Your dentist assesses the denture to identify the issue that needs to be fixed. If they cannot see how the dentures fit together, the dentist will take an impression. The denture is fixed in your mouth and an impression of the top is taken. They could also take an impression without the denture and give it to the lab to adjust it accordingly.

At times the dentist will take an impression of your lower teeth and bite.

Appointment Two

On the second appointment, the dentist checks whether the denture fit and ensures they are not rubbing anywhere. The dentist will proceed to make adjustments if necessary to make sure your dentures fit accurately.

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